Regulation A+

Regulation A+ Regulation A+ Regulation A+ allows private companies to raise funds from the public up to a certain limit and is suitable for companies considering plans to increase their capital. Before enjoying its benefits, however, companies must undergo a…

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Regulation CF

Regulation CF Regulation CF Crowdfunding is a financing method that raises money through soliciting relatively small individual investments or contributions from a large number of people. Specific Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations exist for companies hoping to carry out…

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Regulation D

Regulation D Regulation D Regulation D allows the raising of funds and capital through private offerings of debt and/or equity securities without registering the securities with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Regulation D is not to be confused with the…

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Regulation S

Regulation S Regulation S Regulation S, a part of the Securities Act of 1933, allows companies in the US and non-US companies to raise capital outside of the US without compromising compliance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange…

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